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We can enhance your smile with Composite Bonding

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Price from £200/tooth.

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A Brand New Perfect Smile In ONE Day!

No Drilling, No Pain and No Injections

  • It involves the placement of white filling material at the tips or edges of your teeth to alter the shape and profile, thus enhancing your smile.
  • Composite bonding is a fantastic way to improve your smile on its own as a stand-alone treatment or after orthodontic treatment.
  • The composite is colour matched to your existing teeth, however it is usually a good idea to have tooth whitening prior to its placement. This usually takes 2 weeks in most cases.
  • It is very conservative as it does not involve the removal of healthy tooth tissue.
  • Usually composite bonding does not involve any injections with local anaesthetic.
  • Composite bonding can help improve your function.

Brighten Discoloured Teeth

You can use bonding to effectively change the colour of your teeth to a brighter shade.

Close Gaps In Your Teeth

Avoid wearing braces and use bonding to get rid of those gaps between your teeth.

Fix Chips, Cracks & Unevenness

Build up bonding material over any chips, cracks or uneven areas of teeth into your dream smile.

It’s one of our most popular Smile Makeover Cosmetic treatments at Friends Dental Practice.

A tooth coloured composite resin material is added to the tooth to help repair small chips, fractures and cracks, as well as improving the aesthetic appearance of discoloured, shortened or misshapen teeth. It’s a good cosmetic dental treatment for patients wishing to fix imperfections in their smile. It is a minimally invasive, pain free treatment requiring no anaesthetic or drilling.

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Get The Smile Of Your Dreams

Spread the cost of your treatment.  

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  1. Improve the appearance of your smile quickly
  2. Long lasting – a bond can last between 5 to 7 years
  3. Retain the health and natural structure of your tooth
  4. Can usually be completed in just one appointment
  5. Predictable aesthetic and functional results
  6. No drilling of the tooth necessary and therefore no injection required
  7. Suitable for patients of all ages with good dental and gum health
  8. Result is natural and aesthetic

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What is composite bonding made out of?

Composite bonding is made out of a tough tooth coloured resin which is bonded to your teeth.

Can bonding change the colour of my teeth?

Bonding can be matched to the colour of your teeth or it can be used to change the colour of your teeth. The bonding process is often completed along with teeth whitening treatment.

How long does bonding last?

If your bonding is well looked after and maintained it can last 5 - 7 years.

What alternatives do I have to bonding?

Veneers, fixed braces and Invisalign are a few alternative treatment options. At your initial consultation we will advise you on all your options.

Is bonding bad for teeth?

No. Composite bonding is particularly good as we don’t remove any tooth structure. It is a non-invasive procedure, so it is pain free and perfectly safe for your teeth.

Happy Clients

I was without a dentist since I had my last extraction roughly 15 years ago. Since then I've been terrified of the dentist. 'Friends Dental Practice' has been fantastic and I recommend anyone to try their services. Their pricing and payment plans are generous and fair. The doctors really comforted me and helped me through my extraction today and every minute was spent ensuring I was okay and wasn't in pain or nervous. They're helping me with to get my smile back. Thank you Dr Monfort and your wonderful assistants! 😁


This dentist is amazing. The receptionist and all the staff are lovely here. I have been seeing Dr Irena (the dentist) ,and she is so helpful and gentle and gave me really good advice and a referral for an issue I have today. I have also seen the hygienist Allison several times, and she is always so kind and patient with me too. Can’t fault this place ,thank you for all you do

Rianne Scott

My daughter saw Jaume today and beforehand I was dreading the appointment as she is extremely nervous as a patient. However he was very professional and calming he managed to win her over by explaining everything to her. One very pleased parent and happy child ! Highly recommend!

suzanne baddeley

Very impressed with treatment I received. All the staff were friendly and welcoming. The dentist I saw was lovely and treatment was excellent and she allayed all my fears. Looking forward to next visit.

Jean Goff

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